Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cyber Security: The Global Cyber Advisor Newsletter - July 2014 Vol. 34

Welcome to the latest Global Cyber Advisor Newsletter,

As we continue to position the organization to support our clients, the global cyber environment is in flux. You should be reading about the cyber risks our clients are operating with today. Be assured that we are well positioned to help our clients reduce those risks and continue their operations. Our OPERATIONAL TECHNOLOGY (OT) approach is much more robust and focused on their needs over the typical INFORMATIONAL TECHNOLOGY (IT) approach we see that is prevalent in the market.

Continuously Secure:   We continue to prove to the industry that we stay vigilant and help our customers develop their Cyber Strategies and secure their process environments. We have staff to help our clients on a global basis to assess, design, implement and manage their Cyber posture. We have developed suites of products with complementary consulting, which are unmatched in the industry.   

This month's Consultant's Corner contribution covers “Security Program Assessments” by Tim Johnson and Michael Martinez.
The Critical Infrastructure and Security Practice has the skills and the resources to help our clients no matter what industry. We are structured to help with their entire cyber security program. We have essentially the industry’s largest vendor-based cyber security team that assists our clients secure their entire process environment. We understand that cyber security extends beyond a single system and our valued clients need assistance and advice in how to secure their entire plant infrastructure. Cyber security is so much more than product features, firewalls, and anti-virus software. 
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