Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cyber Security: Flame Malware

In recent days there has been much press about the Flame malware being touted as the predecessor to Stuxnet.  I like this article for two reasons, both of which are in the title of the article.  Flame Malware: Boring, Bloated and Yet Still Effective. One thing we have seen over and over again is that many such cyber attacks due lack high levels of sophistication (boring).  On the flip side, hackers ‘targets of opportunities’ tend to lack adequate cyber security protection (attacks are effective).   

Flame Malware: Boring, Bloated and Yet Still Effective

Here are some interesting notes on the Flame malware, at present it is focused on the Middle East.  Flame is a sophisticated toolkit that leaves a backdoor, or Trojan, on computers and can propagate itself through a local network, just like a  worm does. According to a Kaspersky Lab, Flame can sniff network traffic, take screenshots, record audio conversations, log keystrokes and gather information about discoverable Bluetooth devices nearby and turn the infected computer into a discoverable Bluetooth device.

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